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Colliding and Surrendering: chaos and freedom where art and technologies meet.

Web3D 2017 is calling for submission from artists, scientists, technologist, and researchers for its very first art exhibition that will be held in two locations: Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane (during the Web3D 2017 conference) and Media Art Nexus NTU, (11-13 October 2017) Nanyang Technological University Singapore. All the works showcased in Brisbane will need to be reformatted by authors to fit the media led screen in Singapore. Submission deadline is 4th of August 2017.

This will be great opportunity to showcase your work in two different countries. These exhibitions will be open to general public.

You are invited to submit practical or experimental artworks that include but are not limited to the web only rather to any from the following topics:

  • 3D printing
  • Algorithmic and Generative art
  • Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (WebVR)
  • Interactive art
  • Mechatronics / Physical Computing
  • Music / Sound visualisation
  • Net art
  • Computer-based experimental animation

Submission Details

  • 1-2 pages abstract (.PDF only): This summary should provide:
    – Abstract of the proposed work (100 words or less)
    – Clear description of the proposed work (500 words or less)
    – 4 Images, Sketches, drafts (JPGs, PNGs, PDFs – no compressed files accepted) of the proposed work (Final files will be asked to sent for selected works only. A link will be provide to upload, later.)
    – Technical requirement for the proposed work
    – One or more URLs for access to a completed artwork or video documentation of a completed artwork (if it’s VR or installations)
    – One or more URLs for previous work, videos, bio and cv (bio and cv can be submitted as a separated document (.PDF) *2 pages max.
  • Criteria for naming convention for files: formats for submission:
    – Title of proposed work (first 20 characters only)_surname_abstract.PDF
    – Title of proposed work (first 20 characters only)_surname_image01~04.png
    – Title of proposed work (first 20 characters only)_surname_bio-cv.PDF (only if you do not have these info in your website).
  • Submissions will be juried by at least two anonymous reviewers. A final decision regarding acceptance will be made by Art gallery chairs based on reviewers’ suggestions and overall feasibility of the exhibition. Submissions must be original.

Art Exhibition Co-Chairs: June Kim and Ina Conradi Chavez. Submission deadline is 17th of March 2017 and acceptance will be notified on 11th of April 2017.Please send your submission or any questions to the art gallery chairs at art.gallery2017@web3d.org.

Submission guideline can be found here.